Mobile Takes What Is Best

Mobile Takes What Is Best [Infographic]

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Key takeaways:
Today mobile is the first choice

Smartphones have become an important part of our lives. They are used to stay in touch, be up to date and for fun. They have replaced or taken out of the home many tools. Smartphone owners treat their phones as a versatile tool they use to complete daily routines.

Smartphones have also crossed many borders and are being used in places and situations we had never expected to use them. Smartphones enable their users to search for products and services wherever they are and whenever they need. The majority of smartphone owners take advantage of this opportunity.

Desktop first vs. mobile first websites

Dedicated mobile websites are created only for mobile devices and as such contain features targeted specifically at mobile users, which can deliver better user experience and lead to more conversions. They take advantage of all device capabilities, adjusting to the ever advancing mobile technology.

What do you know about your mobile customers?

Smartphones have significantly influenced consumer behaviours. Today they are the primary device used for finding information.

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